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Dateline Washington March 1, 2014: Lies, theft, corruption and that’s just the Senate! Now in its 26th year, the tour that was inspired by the Gary Hart sex scandal features recent additions at the J “Edna” Hoover building (FBI Headquarters) where FBI agent Frederick Humphries II received “kellypatrol” Emails that were sent from tattle tail socialite Jill Kelley. It’s ironic how the long time cross dressing Hoover who blackmailed politicians was never exposed to have had a 40 year affair with Clyde Tolson. But then we know he battled the Nazi’s in 40’s, the Commies in the 50’s and the Kennedy’s in the 60’s. In 1991 the real Rita Jenrette rode GNP's Scandal Tours for "A Current Affair" while breaking Gennifer Flowers / Bill Clinton real time affair. #AmericanHustle Read the latest Press Release about the 2014 26th Anniversary Tours! First tour was April 5!

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1988 Launch Press Conference at The Ritz Carlton

Scandal Tours Cast circa 1988

Featured on E! Entertainment Tonight

As featured in the Washington Post Watergate Retrospective (see pages 2 and 3 of the article "Watergate: The long shadow of a scandal"). Click here to see a photo from a recent tour featured in that Washington Post article. Also seen recently in the USA Today Travel Section.

Join the whistle-blowing Scandal Tour. In addition to the above, you may also visit:

• The White House: GNP finds more than skeletons lurking in the presidential coat closets!

• The Old Executive Office Building: Behind this stately facade next to the White House, Ollie North and Fawn Hall shredded their way into history.

• K Street: Lobby some perks from Jack Abramoff with Bob Ney.

• The Tidal Basin: Here, former Congressman Wilbur Mills and stripper Fannie Fox took a moonlight skinny-dip.

• The Watergate: Tricky Dick and the rest of those creeps bungled a break-in of the Democrats’ headquarters here.

• The Capitol: Rita and John Jenrette did more than dance in the moonlight here - you can "bank" on the Capitol always being a scandal site. Just ask your Congressperson! Or perhaps you can compare pages with Mark Foley, or ask Scooter Libby if Dick’s really to "plame".

• Gary Hart’s Townhouse: Donna Rice became a political show-stopper here with her backdoor debut for the Miami Herald.

• The Supreme Court: Where Clarence Thomas had an up-"Hill" battle! Find out why it is the highest court in the land.

• The Vista Hotel: Where Rasheda "bitch-set-me-up" Moore helped nab "Mayor-for-Life" Marion Barry with a crack pipe in his mouth.

• Union Station: Rumored to be on Senator Larry "Craig’s List" of favorite places to play "footsie".

Plus many, many more perfectly scandalous locations!

The Word on Scandal Tours:

"Act-a-likes reenact Washington’s inglorious past" - Life Magazine

"The hottest tour in Washington." - Glamour Magazine

"Brilliant... if they’d only open in Stockholm." - Aftonbladet (Stockholm, Sweden Daily)

"First rate" - The London Observer

"A hilarious journey that is fast becoming a sensation among Washington’s inner circle." - UPI

"Very funny. Well, worth the time and money." - TripAdvisor.com

"Leave the kids at home, skip the Lincoln Memorial, and take a Scandal Tour of Washington." - Associated Press

"If touring’s your thing, there’s a beauty just waiting for you in Washington D.C." - Entertainment Tonight

"The good stuff... the real Washington." - Baltimore Sun

"1 and 1/2 hours of pure voyeurism." - Paul Harvey, ABC Radio

"Very, very funny." - Nippon Japanese Television

"For a visiting Briton, the strangest thing about Gross National Product is how its members get away with it without being sued — or executed." - Telegraph.co.uk


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*Scandal Tours is not affiliated with any site or commercial location as presented from the tour. All stops are public locations and liability applies while on the bus. GNP and Scandal Tours are not responsible for any injury or damages while on this tour. The bus is fully licensed and insured while on the bus. Passengers leaving the bus during the tour do so at their own risk.

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