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In 1982 GNP made its first foray into the TV world with a 30-minute pilot for a CNN/WTBS comedy program.

From there GNP pioneered the first political cartoon for TV news (above). Airing on a program called the “90’s” GNP was awarded the “Rosebud Award” at DC’s Film fest for this simple piece on then DC Mayor Marion Barry, who’s career temporarily went up in smoke. Other 90-second satirical segments were forerunners to the YouTube political skit-coms found on the internet today.

In 1992, GNP presented our first full length PBS comedy special entitled “The UnOfficial Debates”, which aired in top markets like WNET, KCET, WHYY and MPT, to name just a few. Shot in front of a live audience in DC, our George H.W. Bush duked it out with Bill Clinton and Ross Perot.

In 1993 GNP struck again on PBS with “The First 100 Daze” as the Clinton Administration got off to its bumpy start.

Then in 1994, “GNP3” went on to become a finalist at the Golden Rose of Montreaux, we were the only PBS entry, competing with HBO, Showtime, and other notable networks like BBC and CBC. See The Washington Post TV Week This Week's Picks article.

GNP continued the tradition with several more specials: “Politix As Usual” and an updated “UnOfficial Debates” at the height of the Clinton vs. Dole campaign in 1996.

Always a favorite source for commentary when a scandal breaks, GNP has been interviewed by television networks locally and internationally, in markets as far flung as Japan, Germany and even BBC’s Saudi Arabian world news.

So stay tuned, you’ll never know when GNP might rear its head again on the idiot box! 

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