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GNP For Hire

Private Events, Conventions, Meetings, or Art Series?

Pick from GNP’s hilarious menu of productions:

1. Gross National Product comedy revue

Whether its two parties, (DNC and RNC of course) or just one big party, it doesn’t really matter. For years GNP has been in the business of “turning today’s headlines into tonight’s belly laughs” –Washington Post.  Since 1982 GNP has lampooning snoops, creeps, the Congress, Prez & Veep as GNP’s fast-paced take on current events and social satire is guaranteed to have you and your colleagues laughing on both sides of the aisle. GNP is completely bi-partisan, customized, and high-octane entertainment for groups of all shapes and sizes.  GNP delivers “sharp impersonations” says The Los Angeles Times, “the city’s most popular company of satirists who have been a favorite among those inside and outside the beltway”. GNP has been seen both nationally and internationally on news (check our client list) and has turned evenings into a political laugh-slide. Even President Clinton got into the act: “You guys are great . . . amazing.”

The Smithsonian Institution’s Resident Arts Series told us: “600-knee-slappers were captivated by your multi-talented troupe . . . thanks for a wonderful evening.” Or Dow Chemical: “the program was a great success” or The Corporation for Public Broadcasting: “your group put on a top-notch revue that is obviously a tremendous hit with all age groups, we, had a wonderful time laughing at the quick wit and spontaneity that infused the evening with hilarity.” To view original letters of recommendation click here (PDF). Check out reviews and other coverage in print here. For other options on our comedy menu read on . . .

2. Scandal Tours®

Lies, theft, obstruction of Justice and that’s just the Senate!  Hop aboard Scandal Tours® for a witty and irreverent guided tour of the sites that have made Washington the scandal capital of the world. Perfect for groups who want to see what the Wall Street Journal calls “a comedy feast.”  Scandal Tours is hosted by GNP actors who highlight the lowlifes in this hysterical and historical tour. USA Today calls the tour “hilarious” and as ABC World News once quipped,it’s a worm’s –eye view of Washington”.  Come see the real DC, the comic relief is just a phone call away! Let us enTOURtain you! Click on the Scandal Tours® button above for more information or click here for some client commentary (PDF). “If touring is your thing, there is just a beauty waiting for you in Washington, D.C.- Entertainment Tonight.

3. GNP's "Unofficial" Debate

For election season, GNP has a long history of "Unofficial" Debates (as seen in our PBS specials) which are comedy duels including the likes of GNP's political impersonators. These hysterical debates are fueled by current events, and incorporate opening statements, music, jokes, and questions from the audience. Using tested material from the nation's top political sketch comedy team, this 30-minute presentation is more entertaining than the actual debates, and is guaranteed to please and entertain your audience. Check out the gnpcomedy channel on YouTube for videos of debates from our PBS specials.

4. Can’t get the real one?

That is, the real Prez, the real First Lady, the real newscaster. We’ve got impersonators who are not just look-alikes but also act-a-likes. We’ll tailor a town hall between a Democrat and Republican for a political duel, involving the audience in a hilarious improv debate, or you can have the “Prez” grace your event. Even if your event doesn’t quite have the budget for a full show, we’ll produce a mini-event at which the London Observer says the “GNP actors are first rate.”

5. And now for something completely NON political

Try our send-up of the motivational industry, The Moti-FAKE-tional Speakers. Yes, that billion-dollar industry of self-help can come to pump-up your conference as Wayne Allyn Robbins and Ellen McPherson Root Robbin Hayes whip you into a frenzy of can-do-spirit ecstasy. As The San Francisco Examiner noted: “Politicians come and go, and topical humor ages fast. But greed and self-delusion, fueled by the hucksters’ art, are forever . . . best of the show!” As The Washington Post stated: “For sheer maniacal perfection, the motivational team of Wayne Allyn Robbins and Ellen Perry is a riot!”

Click here for more about Wayne and Ellen, The Moti-Fakers.

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