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... team of Wayne and Ellen is a riot. - Washington Post

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The Wayne & Ellen Show

You’ve invited some of the top speakers to motivate you at your special event, now let one of corporate America's top comedy attractions motiFAKE you with their hilarious send-up of the self-help and motivational speaker industry. GNP's razor-sharp parody utilizes audience inspired improvisation, music, sketches & customized material.

About the “Speakers”:

Wayne Allyn Robbins and Ellen Perry McPherson-Root-Robbins-Hayes

Ellen Ellen” is the proud mother of four and is a four time divorcee. She's the best selling author of, “My Way or No Way!”, “To Be You, You Must Be Me”, “Nurturing Your Inner Me”, and the children's self-help guide, “Shut Up or I'll Really Give You Something to Cry About”. Ellen is the founder and director of Ellen Perry's Ashram & Past Life Regression Center in San Francisco, CA. Ellen Seated
Wayne Wayne” is the founder of the Wayne Allyn Robbins Foundation and Realignment Center, the host of the Robbins Group: A Panel Discussion For Winners, and best selling author of "Unlimited Publicity," "Stomp the Dwarf Inside," and "I'm Okay, You're Okay, But I'm Rich." Wayne lives on a sprawling 1.2 acre MotiFAKEtional™ dude ranch he founded in 1981, near Santa Fe, NM. Wayne Seated

Wayne & Ellen fell in love with themselves...and then with each other at an EST empowerment seminar. They were later married at Machu Picchu during the Harmonic Convergence. Although their marriage lasted only a few short weeks, they went on to become co-creators of the radically successful and lucrative seminar that's sweeping the nation: “The Wayne and Ellen Show”.

Wayne and Ellen

The Word on Wayne & Ellen:

"Best of the show, though, are Simmons and Thompson who push a New Age brand of prosperity consciousness. With Thompson tossing her hair and barking, ‘Go for It?', they assure us that ‘Getting money and getting stuff is what life's all about.' Politicians come and go, and topical humor ages fast. But greed and self-delusion, fueled by the hucksters’ art, are forever." – San Francisco Examiner

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